India, Israel join together to prevent Corona: Modi-Nitanyahu


BanglaHunt Desk: Almost all countries in the world are affected by the outbreak of the deadly coronary virus (COVID-19). Only a handful of countries are far from the coroner's outbreak. In this situation, different countries of the world, together with some of their own countries, are fighting against Corona. In this situation, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nitanyahu. And they discussed how to deal with the Corona situation.

The Prime Minister of these two countries discussed various issues to deal with the Corona virus through various dialogues between themselves. The Prime Minister of Israel said in an interview that he had a phone call with the Indian Prime Minister. Discussion on how to prevent coroners using modern technology is discussed. Benjamin is currently on the Nitanyahu Isolation.

Recently, a colleague of Benjamin Nitanyahu has been infected with the Corona virus. That's why Benjamin Nitanyahu and the people close to him put themselves in the home quarantine. Earlier, in compliance with Benjamin Nitanyahu's request, Narendra Modi sent the required drugs from India to Israel. At that time, Benjamin called Nityanahu Press Conference and praised Narendra Modi much. From the Prime Minister's Office it is said that from now on, these two countries will exchange different goods between themselves.

India is one of the leading drug producing countries in the world. Again the Israeli pair are in the mix for producing superior products in the medical field. So if these two countries try together, it is possible to cure the Corona virus. So far, the number of Corona virus infected in Israel has crossed 3,000. Worldwide, the number of victims has exceeded 1 million and the death toll is more than 3,000. The Corona virus has become widespread in Spain and Italy, followed by the United States and Britain. If India and Israel try jointly this time, it will be possible to prevent the Corona virus soon.

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