India made the best cannon in the world, the enemy will tremble with fear, watch the video


India today tested the Howitzer AATSS (Advanced Artillery System) of Indian technology developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) at the Balasore Firing Range in Orissa. According to AATGS project director Shailendra Gad, this is the best work in the world. So far no other country has been able to build such a cannon.

This cannon has been designed for three years, he said. It was then sent for testing. Soon it will face PSQR test. It is expected to be India's biggest achievement in the artillery system sector. India is currently pushing for arms development through Indian technology to make the country 'self-sufficient' in the defense sector as well.

India will win the future war with domestic weapons
Amid tensions on the China-Pakistan border, Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat made a big statement on Friday. He said that in future wars India will fight with domestic weapons and defeat the enemies.

Addressing a program by DRDO, Defense Research and Development Organization, CDS Rawat said, “We see that our private sector is also motivated about the defense sector, they need support.” I think we will win the war of the future with weapons made in Indian technology.

Bipin Rawat further said that at present our country is facing many challenges on its northern and western borders. At that pace the country is moving towards self-reliance. It is crucial that DRDO continues to work relentlessly.