India responds to OIC's allegations of anti-Muslim hatred of Corona


The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), an alliance of 57 countries, has said that Islamophobia is spreading across India. The people of the Muslim community have also been affected by this hatred of India.

Narendra Modi was vocal from the very beginning to prevent the spread of Corona in India. Ever since Nizamuddin's incident, everyone in the country has been blaming Muslims for the corona terror. Leaders and ministers have also described the Jamaat incident as 'corona terrorism'. Besides him, Muslims have been told so much that they are getting overwhelmed.

Even after this, various information came up that Corona was found to be infected, one-fifth of it was returned to Jamaat. And since then Muslims have been targeted. In many cases business has suffered. In many cases, there has been a lot of unrest. Again, many have explained that the Muslim community is at the root of this corona panic. The vast Muslim community in the Arab world is reported to be in a state of panic.

However, the information was provided by the Organization of Islamic Corporation itself. But the central government of India is reluctant to accept this. They said it was completely false and propaganda. Union Foreign Ministry spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said India has good enough friendly relations with the Gulf countries. It is also reported that India is trying to maintain this relationship. Efforts will be made to maintain good relations between the two countries. And this misconception will also be removed.