India should not host T20 World Cup, says legendary cricketer


Bengali Hunt Desk: India is trembling with the second wave of corona virus. At the moment, about three lakh people are being infected with corona every day and more than two thousand people are dying every day. Cries for oxygen in hospitals. The sound of ambulances on the street. The smell of cremated corpses in the crematorium. In such a situation, the question arises, should India host the T20 World Cup? Ian Chappell thinks India should step back from hosting the T20 World Cup in such a tragic situation.

The legendary former Australian captain said: “With a little bit of common sense, it would be understandable that if the Covid situation had not deteriorated, the T20 World Cup would have been held in India. Paul Keating (former Australian Prime Minister) once said he would always understand his own interests. The reason is very clear. Everyone knows how much money plays a role in this type (T20 World Cup). It doesn’t just apply to the cricket administration, the biggest example of how much money can actually break the law is that the Olympics are still being considered. But the argument is that India should not host the T20 World Cup in this situation. The ICC, however, has considered the United Arab Emirates as an alternative venue. However, the governing body of world cricket has not yet commented on the removal of the cup from India.

India lost its way due to Corona. There is a storm of criticism in the country and abroad about the IPL program by organizing so many of them. Meanwhile, many foreign cricketers have left India and returned to the country. Criticism is rife as to why the IPL is not being postponed, why the cricket-festival is taking place in a death march.