India shut down China's face in United States, disputed comments on Kashmir!

New Delhi: On Thursday, India rejected comments made by the United Nations (China) Permanent Mission spokesman on the Jammu and Kashmir Jammu-Kashmir, stating that they were, and remain, a part of India's central province of Jammu and Kashmir. .

Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Srivastava said that India expects China to refrain from making any comment on India's internal affairs, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. He said India expects that China will understand and condemn the problem of terrorism on the border affecting the lives of Indian people, including Jammu and Kashmir.

The spokesman for China's Permanent Mission to the United States said that the Kashmir issue has been on the agenda of the Security Council of the United States and that China is closely monitoring the current situation in Kashmir. China currently has the leadership of the United Nations Security Council. The Chinese official said that the Kashmir issue had been raised a long time ago. And this time it should be solved peacefully.

Srivastava said, “We deny the sovereignty of Jammu and Kashmir, which the keynote speaker of China's Permanent Mission to the United States has provided.” He said this while responding to a question asked by a Chinese spokesman for comment.

He said, “China is well aware of India's continued position on this issue. Jammu and Kashmir's union territory was a common part of India. “For this, we hope that other countries, including China, will refrain from commenting on India's internal lawsuit,” he said. And respect sovereignty and territorial integrity. ”

China has criticized India for its restructuring of Jammu and Kashmir, especially China's strong criticism of Delhi for making Ladakh a union territory, as China has expressed its claim in many areas of Ladakh.

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