India stands beside different countries in times of crisis, will export food grains


BanglaHunt Desk: The Corona Virus (COVID-19) is now spread all over the world, beyond China. Almost every country in the world is united in the fight against the Corona virus. India is currently represented in this unequal war. Even during this crisis, India continues to help various countries in different ways. With the ban on the export of drugs, the country has exported essential drugs. After the export of these drugs, different countries are now getting ready to export food grains to their needs.

The government agency NAFED will work to export foodgrains to different countries. Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh told you, 'This year, India has produced more food than needed. For this reason, the government agency NAFED has been given the responsibility of sending 4,000 metric tons of food grains to Afghanistan as demand from different countries. Also, 4,000 metric tons of food grains will be provided to Lebanon through the government.

This is not the first time that India has already provided food grains to many countries. India donated 1.5 million metric tonnes of food grains to Afghanistan in the years 20-22, 20-24, 23-25. Also in 2012-13, the Government of India has given 25 metric tons of foodgrains to Yaman. It also helped Sri Lanka, Namibia, Lesotho, Myanmar by sending a small amount of rice. This time, however, the Indian government has given NAFED the responsibility of exporting cereals due to the Corona crisis.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, NAFED has procured 4 lakh 3 MT tonnes of Chana in 2021 and MSP at the rate of 4 lakh MT. As a result, about 5 farmers have benefited. The United States, thinking of itself as a superpower, has shown itself in power to China, and to Russia, the richest country in terms of threat to the world. India once again proved how to stand beside other countries in times of danger.

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