India to become world's third largest economy by 2050: survey


In the next 30 years, India will occupy a big place in the world economy. The Indian economy will overtake Japan to become the world's third largest economy, according to a survey.

According to a study in the Lancet Medical Journal, the United States and China will be in one and two places, respectively. In 2016, India was the seventh largest economy in the world. Currently, India is the fifth largest economy in the world. France and Britain are ahead of India.

Rajiv Kumar, chairman of the policy commission, said in May this year that India would become the world's third largest economy by 2048. But only time will tell how successful India will be in overcoming the Corona situation.

In December last year, the Japan Center for Economic Research said that by 2029, India would surpass Japan as the world's third largest economy. Although the Corona epidemic did not start in the country at that moment. India's economy has been stagnant for more than six months due to the corona. GDP is at the bottom. Due to the current epidemic, it is estimated that India will not be able to become a 5 trillion economy by 2025.

On the other hand, the economy of any country depends on the working people of that country. A survey has revealed that by 2100, India will be the most efficient country in the world. Then there will be Nigeria, China and America.