India to snatch manufacturing hub from China, to export electronics motherboards

BanglaHunt Desk: India is going to give a strong blow to China in terms of business. Almost all the countries of the world have united against the deceitful China. Made in India products is going to compete with China, which is asserting its power as a manufacturing hub. Made in China products will gradually become extinct from the whole world.

India is preparing itself to beat China

India is slowly moving forward to demonstrate its ability to eliminate the Chinese market. India is working fast to manufacture electronics products. The idea is that in the near future, India may become the leader in motherboard manufacturing.

Electronics motherboards will be made in India

For so many years, motherboards used in mobiles, laptops and tablets were imported from China. This time the motherboard is going to be ready in India. According to the Indian Cellular and Electronics Association, India will be able to manufacture motherboards worth Rs 6 lakh crore by 2026. However, government subsidy is required for this. To prove itself as a leader in motherboard manufacturing, India needs 4-6 per cent subsidy in construction work.

The motherboard is technically called the printed board assembly. That is why motherboard manufacturing industry can also be called PCBA industry. It is estimated that the PCBA industry in India currently has a turnover of around Rs 2 lakh crore. However, India aims to increase it to Tk 8 lakh 40 thousand crore by 2028.

China under pressure

For so long, various countries have been importing motherboards from China and Vietnam. At present, however, India is making rapid progress in the manufacture and export of motherboards. This time waiting for the end of China's era. India aims to gradually spread its ready-made motherboards all over the world.