India will export domestic warplanes to America, the Modi government has achieved great success in becoming self-reliant


BanglaHunt Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government is working hard in the field of security to build a self-reliant India. To strengthen its arsenal, India is now preparing to sell weapons to countries that used to import modern weapons and fighter jets.

A few days ago, India decided to provide the necessary strong naval fighter jets for the sake of America. After receiving news of aid from the US, India decided to send these fighter jets. This proves how fast and powerful India is moving to strengthen its military security.

India has helped with a training program in the United States. The U.S. Navy needed such fighter jets for its undergraduate jet training system. That is why India rushed to help after getting a hint of help from the US Navy.

India has offered Tejas MK1 to America. India's power is growing rapidly. For so long, Tejas warplanes have been built by the most powerful countries in the world. The Tejas is one of the most powerful fighter jets. These warplanes can be used in any situation on the battlefield. But now India has proposed to build this warplane.

Earlier, seeing the capability of India's powerful BrahMos missile, Brazil sought India's help with this missile. Seeing the capabilities of India's supersonic cruise missile BrahMos missile at a defense capability exhibition in Paris in the 3rd week of June, many countries expressed their desire to have this missile in their military arsenal.