India will not take test pest from China, the government is taking another step in the next fight against Corona

BanglaHunt Desk: The Corona Virus (COVID-19) has caused panic around the world. The number of victims and casualties is increasing by jumping. The people of the world are terrified of life. In this situation, the Modi government is making every effort to protect the citizens of India. Gloves were first sent to India from China to various medical devices and masks to prevent the spread of the virus.

This time, however, India is seeking some medical equipment from China. However, India has decided not to take the testing kit, instead replacing other medical equipment like PPE, ventilators. Countries like Spain, Ukraine, Turkey have returned to China's testing kit. Because of this, China exported all defective testing kits to different countries. China has been accused of making bad products. So India is looking for other equipment, not a testing kit.

India has been emphasizing the import of N95 masks, ventilators, and medical supplies from China, despite the emergence of the Corona virus from China. Not only importing goods from abroad, companies within the country are also focusing on the preparation of various medicines.

According to the Central Health and Family Welfare Ministry, the Red Cross Society of India has sought 3,000 PPE from China. And China has already delivered it. Also, 1 lakh PPE has been released by April 5th. And also the order of making 1 lakh PPE was placed at the ordinance factory. The Indian home ministry has also set up several teams to deal with the Corona virus, which is represented by Naveen Srivastava, the Joint Secretary of the Foreign Ministry.

The organized team is monitoring the import of masks, ventilators, PPE, etc. for the treatment of Corona virus from abroad and making it through the country's companies. According to the Central Health and Family Welfare Ministry, an online platform has been discovered in Singapore that can supply up to 1 million PPE. That's why this company has already been ordered.

In addition to foreign assistance, emphasis is also being given to the creation of various medical equipments through an Indian company. Thereby maintaining import and export system. Meanwhile, pharmaceutical companies have assured the Indian government that there will be no drug problem in India. Physicians are also being trained in this, so that they can be patient in any situation.

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