India will play a leading role in healthcare; Five things to fix- WHO


BanglaHunt Desk: According to the WHO, India will take the lead in the world, to fix five things. The WHO Southeast Asia Group was unanimously nominated by India last year. Nomination India will replace Japan which will complete its one-year term and hold the post for at least three years. The WHO Director has to get the Board – India – Chairman for all the important decisions. There are five things that India can and should do to fix the broken system of the UN Health Organization.

WHO says China is being blamed for human transmission? Was it behind the scenes or outright lies about how deadly the coronavirus was? Why did the virus declare an epidemic after reaching 75 countries?

Did Dr. Tedros send a WHO representative to China? What has it achieved again? And why can't the world talk about the source of this virus? These questions have been asked to India without any hesitation. Second, it demands transparency from member countries. China has sent a deadly virus to the world. Why and on what basis do we rely on the recovery of China? Why not share it with research and preliminary test samples as a WHO member country? With what evidence can Cena claim that the virus did not originate from Uhan Lab? Why shouldn't global experts have access to this lab?

India must insist on the financial independence of the World Health Organization. How much money is this body? The report states that the contribution of countries to the WHO rather than their membership is extremely low. The WHO budget is largely funded by voluntary contributions. Grants from public and private sources. How much does the WHO rely on these ‘extra budget resources’? And what personal sources are sending money to this body? Did they come from China?

Also how much impact do they have? India needs to push for Taiwan's inclusion in the World Health Organization. The WHO has labeled parts of India as Chinese territory, but when it comes to Taiwan, it follows the one-China policy.

India needs to garner support for WHO Taiwan's observer status. Taiwan must be allowed to share efficiently on this epidemic that the response to the common cause is the best. And lastly, conduct an independent international investigation into the outbreak that China says it is ready but has “close cooperation with the WHO”. A body that already controls it.

India must push for a transparent and crystal investigation into the coronavirus outbreak and the world must not waste time losing the possibility of mourning. India must take the lead and the WHO member states must increase their support.