India will rule the world economy in the near future, a prepared roadmap


BanglaHunt Desk: The Maroon Corona virus has taken hold all over the world as well as in India. Like the rest of the world, India's economy is in turmoil at the moment. But India, being an agricultural country, will not suffer the same economic crisis due to the far-sighted thinking of the government. On the contrary, due to the inability of other countries to overcome the economic crisis, India may soon become the controller of economic activities in the whole world. That is what the experts think.

In a special online discussion organized by the Chamber of Commerce of India on Friday, Piyush Goel, Minister for Industry, Commerce and Railways, said the country has already made changes in its industrial policy to attract foreign investors. In this discussion, it is also discussed that the industrialists are facing huge losses due to Corona. The government has also assured the industrialists in this regard.

Earlier, the Modi government had made major changes in its foreign direct investment (FDI) policy to protect domestic industries from China's aggressive trade policy.
No more direct investment in India from any country bordering India. From now on, the permission of the central government will be required to invest from any neighboring country. The Union Ministry of Industry and Commerce said in a statement. It is learned that the BJP government at the Center was compelled to formulate this policy to stop China.

The whole country is already paralyzed by the corona virus. The share prices of different companies are decreasing every day. In this situation, various foreign companies are trying to capture the Indian market by buying and investing those shares at low prices. Already, the central bank of China or the People's Bank of China has bought a lot of shares of ADFC Bank. As a result of this huge investment, more than 1 percent of ADFC is now owned by the Central Bank of China or the People's Bank of China. Due to which the Modi government has had to face criticism.

Earlier, this rule was introduced for Pakistan and Bangladesh. This time, the central government's permission is required to invest from any neighboring country.