India will set a world record again, that day is coming soon!


BanglaHunt Desk: India is building a bridge taller than the Eiffel Tower. This bridge built in Kashmir will be able to maintain communication with the whole country. The bridge, which will be opened next year, will be marked as the tallest railway bridge in the world.

Chenab Bridge

The height of the Eiffel Tower in Paris is 324 meters. But the height of this Chenab Rail Bridge in India is about 359 meters above the ground. Which will beat the Eiffel Tower in terms of height. At present there are no two bridges taller than this one in the whole world. The construction of the entire bridge will be completed by 2022.

The work will be completed soon

Construction of the bridge began in 2002, but was halted for several years due to natural disasters and resumed in 2019 at the initiative of the central government. Trains will be able to travel over this bridge at a maximum speed of 26 km per hour. Work is currently underway on the 111 km area of ​​Katra-Banihal, which will be completed soon.

Work has already been completed to build bridges up to 128 km out of 184 km. The Prime Minister's Development Plan allocated Rs 60.08 crore for the construction of the bridge. The government hopes that the socio-political-cultural development will be preserved through this bridge built keeping in mind the welfare of the people.