India will treat coroner through Ayurveda! Union Ayush Minister Sripad Naik said


Bangla Hunt Desk: Union Ayush Minister (Ayush Minister) Shripad Naik said that India will soon treat Coroner patients by adopting Ayurveda method. He said that due to lack of scientific recognition, this ancient medical system of India could be used as an experimental solution to the current crisis.

Naik reiterated his controversial statement, saying that Prince Charles of Britain had been released from coronary heart disease using Ayurvedic medicines. The minister said that Prince Charles rejected our claim because Ayurveda was not recognized in the West. Earlier, Naik said that doctors in Bangalore had treated Prince Charles.

In an interview to PTI, Naik said that if Prince Charles admits that he was cured by Ayurveda treatment, then his problems would arise. Ayurveda is not recognized in her country. He said it was only natural for him to dismiss the claim. I believe in 5% that his treatment was through Ayurveda.

However, the Union minister also said that there is a certain Ayurvedic medicine that has made Prince Charles healthy. Naik said that if scientists were to acknowledge some of Ayurveda's methods, it would be possible to treat patients with Covid-1 through this Ayurveda. “Allopathy treatment has failed completely during this crisis. We have a method of treating coroners through Ayurveda,” he said.

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