Indian army also joins in the fight against Corona, igniting lamps and candles, see photo

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Narendra Modi said Sunday night that the lights were switched off at 5 pm for burning candles, torches or phone lights. Celebras started from the leader-minister in this initiative. Even industrialists were not excluded. At the same time, the soldiers also lit candles and lamps at 8:30 pm. Indian army also joins in the fight against Corona, igniting lamps and candles, see photo.

Modi's mother Hirabane Devi was also involved in the inauguration. The lamp is lit for an exclusive show with Native people across the country. Concerned Narendra Mom has given a message of solidarity throughout your country today at the residence. This is like the Leaded Leader of the whole program. Amit Shah, Biography of the Accountability Center, Adityanath, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Presided Jelly Nadd Da, Vice President Vankaiya Naida Ne Deep burned. Shibraj Singh Chann of Madhya Pradesh, Trivandra Singh Rawat of Uttar Chandra, Cabinet Minister Suresh Shankar Prasad, Prakash Javestekar, Chandrasekhar Rao of Telangana position were all buried.

Faced with the dark challenges of the epidemic, Modi's appeal to the country has been burning up the diary for a minute to keep people awake for work at night. From the NCR in Delhi, people have gone out of the country and candle burners are messages from the coroner.
Also burn with the country's ever-popular Amir Kakesh Ambani. All the lights of his residence are turned off during the planning. Do not burn items and candles in Bollywood The youth of your country has also published lights on the candles, candles and mobiles.

From the Sunday tours back and forth, people once again reminded that there was a fight from Corona and that the candles were burning. Face said that you want to recreate – what a tweet. Modi Corona addressed your third address to the crisis saying that his epidemic should be awakened on April 7, when you are locked out, but people do not feel alone.

Unbeknownst to Union Energy Secretary Sanjeev Nandan consultants, Jinam said that after the lights were turned off, the power equipment had to go from the voltage rise to 6pm. The equipment is not a concern. There is a complete supply of all power products and suppliers. With no dichotte on the grid, fear of a sudden victory and a surge of wind is being blamed on the state's Congress and Congressman Shashi Thrur. In addition, the electricity management has rejected the tax. The Corona crisis was addressed to the countryman three times on Friday. At this time, he spoke of turning off the lights to take on the challenge of the darkness of the crisis on April 5th.

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