Indian Army’s identity Gypsy got a new avatar, became an electric car


Indian Army की पहचान Gypsy को मिला नया अवतार, बन गई इलेक्ट्रिक कार

Gypsy Electric: A new avatar of Gypsy has been seen in the identity of the Indian Army. The electric version of Gypsy has been introduced in a conference held today. Let us know about the features of Gypsy Electric.

Gypsy Electric

Image Credit source: Tadpole Projects

Retrofitted Electric Vehicles: Instead of petrol and diesel cars, the option of electric car has also come among the people. Those who want to avoid the cost of fuel electric cars are trending towards. Electric car is also much better for the environment as it does not cause pollution. Electric vehicles are being considered as the future of mobility. The Indian Army is also paying a lot of attention to this. Today, the Indian Army in collaboration with IIT Delhi and a startup has showcased the electric avatar of the Gypsy.

Gypsy has a different identity in the Indian Army. Gypsy is included in the Indian Army’s fleet for the last several years. Now efforts are being made to take this identity forward. The Indian Army is looking for options focusing on electric mobility. Converting Gypsy to electric version is also a part of this.

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Gypsy Electric: Showcased at ACC

The retrofitted Gypsy has been developed by Indian Army Cell, IIT-Delhi and a startup called Tadpole Projects. It was presented at the Army Commander’s Conference (ACC) today. ACC is an event held twice a year. This event is an institutional platform which ends in taking many important policy decisions for the Indian Army.

hybrid conference

This is the first time that ACC is being organized in a hybrid manner. On the first day of the event, army commanders and other senior officers will meet virtually. At the same time, these officers will come to Delhi for the issues on which the talks have to proceed. Talking about Gypsy Electric, it is a retrofitted electric vehicle. That is, Gypsy has been converted into an electric vehicle by installing a kit.

Gypsy Electric: Battery and Range

Talking about the merits of Gypsy Electric, the retrofitted electric car saves 3.6 grams of carbon on every kilometer. To give power to the electric version of Gypsy, a 30Kw EV kit is fitted which gives great power to the car. Once fully charged, this car will run for 120 kms.

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