Indian cricket is a base for match-fixing, with Pakistani cricketers receiving explosive comments.


Pakistan is a country that has followed India all its life. Be it political or something else. Pakistan's nature is a bit like throwing stones from a glass house to someone else's house. The nature of Pakistani cricketers is much the same. Pakistan cricket is rife with corruption but Pakistan's cricketers are not allowed to attack other countries' cricket.

Several Pakistani star cricketers have been directly implicated in the fixing. From Mohammad Amir, Salman Butt to recently Umar Akmal, everyone has been involved in fixing, but former Pakistani cricketers are not looking at that. Instead, they are blaming India for not seeing cricket corruption in their country. Similarly, Pakistani cricketer Akib Javed has said that corruption is spreading in world cricket from India.

“When I was playing cricket, several gamblers offered me match-fixing,” said Akib Javed. But I did not respond to their call and that is why my cricket career ended long ago. Even if I could have been the head coach of the Pakistan cricket team, my career would have ended just because I opened my mouth against gamblers. His claim is that no one knows how big match fixing is in the IPL, India has the biggest cricket gamblers in the world.