Indian cricketers still have nightmares in their sleep remembering that match.


Indian cricket teams do not usually remember the past. Leaving the past behind is the key to Indian cricket. But still that one match floated before the eyes of Indian cricketers. The Indian cricketers have not been able to accept that match yet. Yet Indian cricketers sometimes dream of that match in their sleep. If possible, Indian cricketers still want to change the outcome of that match. But which match? Indian star cricketer Lokesh Rahul recounted that nightmare match against New Zealand in the World Cup semifinals.

The Indian team led by Virat Kohli was performing well from the first match of the 2019 England World Cup. But the Indian batting line-up completely failed in that real time in the World Cup semifinals. As a result, the Indian team lost to New Zealand like a nightmare. After losing that match, the Indian team's World Cup campaign came to an end. In the context of that match, star Indian cricketer KL Rahul said that many Indian cricketers have not yet recovered from the injury of that match. Yet sometimes at night we have nightmares about that match in our sleep.

The entire Indian batting line-up ended in just 15 minutes in the World Cup semi-final match against New Zealand. At that time, former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Rabindra Jadeja tried to fight, but in the end the Indian team lost the match. The Indian team's dream of winning the World Cup ended after losing that match.