Indian engineers are showing efficiency: rapidly, low cost ventilators are being manufactured on shelves


BanglaHunt Desk: The Corona Virus (COVID-19) has spread its influence throughout the world. In this situation the ventilator has become the most essential. Italy, Spain and the United States are now experiencing ventilator crisis in all countries. In this scenario it is heard that NOCCA Robotics PVT LTD, a start-up company based in Pune, Maharashtra, India, is working to make some engineered ventilators. Several students from Mechanical, Electronics and Aerospace Stream are doing this work together.

The company's annual income is around Tk 20 lakh. The company is now bringing ventilators to the market for only Tk 20 lakh. The prototype of the machine has been made so far with the efforts of six engineers. This machine is testing Artificial Intelligence technology.

Currently, it is difficult to bring ventilators from overseas as foreign business is closed. However, making ventilators requires several things, which have to be imported from abroad. However, the work of making those products in various Indian companies has already started. The ventilator is divided into two parts. Most of the human brain helps to perform the muscles. And the other part helps to do that. However, in view of the physical condition of the people in the current situation, the domestic company is preparing ventilator.

The ventilator machine has a prosthetic device, which extracts carbon dioxide from the blood and enters the oxygen. The start-up company will make machines that will be used to treat sick people after the test by April 7. America has also been praised in India for its work. At present, the rate of coronary disease in the United States is increasing, so they want to quickly prepare this ventilator to send them to India.

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