Indian footballer CS Bennett is now working at the Corona Helpline Center.


At the moment, the Corona virus has created a difficult situation across the country. The Indian National Football Team player and Jamshedpur FC footballer CS Vinay started working at the Government Helpline Center to raise awareness of the Kerala resident how to fight against this Kovin 19.

But how did he get involved with the Corona Helpline Center, he said, when I came to Kerala then I was contacted by the Kerala Sports Federation asking if I wanted to join the Corona helpline center. As soon as I received their proposal, I agreed, because at the moment the difficult situation in the country should be fought all at once. And that's why I joined the Corona Helpline Center in Kerala for the convenience of the general public.

Also, CS Humble said that when the first Corona virus started to look bad in Kerala, there were more than 150 phone calls daily, but now the number of calls to Kerala has improved. But I regularly go to the helpline center and work in masks and gloves in compliance with government regulations.

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