Indian footballer JJ Lalpekhua came to Mizoram hospital after receiving a blood crisis.


Lockdown is currently underway across the country for the Corona virus. That is why there have been various problems all over the country and one of these problems is blood problem. Blood banks and hospitals are not getting the blood they need at the moment. A blood crisis was reported at a hospital in the state of Mizoram. And that news came to the ears of Indian footballer JJ Lalpekhla. Immediately after receiving the news, JJ rushed to the hospital without delay and donated blood.

In this regard, Indian footballer JJ Lalpekhua has said that there is an ongoing crisis in the country right now. The crisis led to a blood crisis in a hospital in Mizoram, which they sought for help from the Young Mizo Association. When that news came to me, I rushed to the hospital and went to the hospital without waiting for anything.

JJ said lockdown was going on across the country right now. We have to fight with this government to unite against all the people of India, only then we will win this war. At the same time, JJ has said that I love being able to do such a thing, I will be grateful to God for empowering me to do this. However, this is not the first time JJ has done such public service many times before.

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