Indian police search Nepal border


Banglahunt Desk: The number of people suffering from coronas (COVID-19) has increased in India as a result of the gathering of many people together at the Nizamuddin religious event in Delhi. Apart from India, Pakistan and other countries are also experiencing this problem. In this situation, different countries are speaking out against this Nizamuddin religious ritual. Nepal, like other countries, is taking this issue seriously.

Under the Corona situation, many people gathered at the religious ceremony of Nizamuddin in Delhi. And some people were left unable to return home as a result of the lockdown. As they return home now, the risk of coronary infection increases many times. Nepal, like many other regions, also participated in the gathering. At present, the Nepalese government is conducting a special operation to find those people from different parts of Nepal.

In the past few days, people have been searching in various mosques and places of Nepal and are being kept in quarantine. Several Pakistani Muslims have also been found in the search. Whether this is a plot is also being feared. Nepal police search for two separate mosques along Indian border and arrest 22 Pakistani Muslims. Nepal Police became aware of the news of the involvement of Nepali Muslims in Delhi's Nizamuddin.

The Nepalese government detained more than 3,000 Maulbees, persons from Delhi and several persons from overseas, searching the mosques and madrasas of the Indian border lagoon Birgunj, Kalaya, Rothhard, Janakpur, Satpuri, Sunsari and Virat cities. It has also been seen whether these Muslims have been trying to hide from terror for the last 12 days.

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