Indian Rail Service to be normal on May 7?


BanglaHunt Desk: The Indian Railway had shut down all its services till April 7 during the first phase of the Corona lockdown. Closed service also in the second round lockdown It has been clarified by rail today that it is not yet known whether the rail service will be launched after May 5. Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri tweeted. Already, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has also expressed doubts about the train and airline services

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With the announcement of the second phase of the lockdown, the Railways announced that the Indian Railways' passenger services will remain suspended until May 7. However, rail service sources said that the service will be maintained.

Indian Railways has already suspended all premium trains, mail / express trains, passenger trains, suburban trains, Kolkata Metro Rail and Konkan Railways till May 3. In addition, the IRCTC has already announced that it will suspend the booking of its own three private trains until April 7. The three trains run on the Kashi Mahakal Express Varanasi-Indore route, Lucknow-New Delhi Tejas and Ahmedabad-Mumbai Tejas.

Contextually, the second phase of the lockdown prompted the countrymen to do a number of things, 'Satwa bata mein apka saath'. Which are-

With this talk, he thanked the countrymen for making the lockdown a success. And in addition to this, he urges people to stand by the crisis this time. All together requested the lockdown to be held on May 5th. Lockdown is the only weapon against this epidemic. So, till May 3rd, the Modi government has again announced a lockdown across India. This deadline may be extended again if necessary.

During this lockdown, he called on the countrymen to do a number of things, 'seven o'clock in the morning.' Which are-

3) If there is any sick person in the house at this time, he should be taken care of properly. They have to be protected from the corona virus infection.

2) Lockdown and social distance signs should be adhered to. Homemade masks or any type of cloth made mask should be used.

3) To increase the immune system of the body, the advice that doctors are advised to follow. Always drink hot water or tea.

3) To prevent the transmission of Corona virus, you need to download the 'Cure Bridge' app. Others will be asked to use this app too.

3) Need to help as many poor families as possible. Help them with their food items.

3) Humanity must be shown in the business field. No person can be fired.

3) All the corona warriors of the country, ie doctors, nurses, cleansing personnel, police personnel, should show respect. They have to obey.

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