Indian Railways loses Tk 2,400 crore due to farmers' protests


Indian Railways has incurred a loss of Rs 2,400 crore due to the farmers' protest against the Agriculture Act. Ashutosh Gangal, general manager, Northern Railway, said on Friday that the train service between Beas and Amritsar had been suspended for several days. For this, trains are being diverted. This road is long and has low capacity, which is why fewer trains are able to pass through this route.

According to Gangal, about Rs 2,400 crore has been lost to the railways as a result of this peasant movement. He added that two trains have been canceled due to the movement and three trains are running half of his journey, and the routes of seven trains have been changed. Due to this, the movement of goods trains has also been affected.

Incidentally, the peasant movement is getting bigger and bigger. Political leaders from ordinary citizens are joining the side of the rebellious peasants. This time the family of the Indian soldier imprisoned in Pakistan joined the peasant movement. They are inspiring the farmers by telling them about their deprivation from being present there.

The family of BSF jawan Surjit Singh, who has been imprisoned in Pakistan for the last 50 years, has moved to Delhi to join the peasant movement. Led by Aam Aadmi Party leader Gurudit Singh Sekhan, Surjit Singh's wife Angrej Kaur, his son Amerik Singh and some ex-soldiers of the city went to Delhi with friends and relatives.

Amrik Singh, son of BSF jawan Surjit Singh, said his father went missing during the Indo-Pak war. The BSF declared him a martyr. Later, others who were released from Pakistani prisons reported that his father had survived and was being held in a Pakistani prison. The family appealed to the central government from the district administration in the hope of his release, but no one accepted their request.