Indian Railways records 535 km journey alone with young woman, Rajdhani Express reaches home


BanglaHunt Desk: Indian Railways, Corona has also repatriated migrant workers or stranded people from different states to their home states. However, in a recent incident of Rajdhani Express, everyone was surprised. The Rajdhani Express returned to Ranchi from Delhi with another passenger. Corona crossed the 535 km long road, but the number of passengers was only 1.

The blockade is on the road

Ananya had booked a B-3 bogie ticket of Rajdhani Express to go to Ranchi HEC Colony. Another 910 people boarded the train with him. Although the Rajdhani Express left Delhi on time, the train got stuck near Daltonganj due to road blockade.

Railway authorities provide bus services to passengers

Seeing the situation getting more and more complicated, the railway authorities requested all the passengers in the train to take the bus service. According to the railway authorities, 910 passengers agreed to return to the bus. The railway authorities made all arrangements for them. But even if everyone agrees, Ananya does not want to agree to anything. He did not buy a ticket to the capital to get on the bus.

Rajdhani Express with one passenger

The railway authorities also offered to take him to Ranchi in a four-wheeler as he did not agree to the bus service. But nothing could shake Ananya's stubbornness. In the end, the railway authorities accepted the rate. The Rajdhani Express returned to Ranchi with a single passenger.

Security is provided

Several female security guards were also deployed in her room to provide all kinds of security to Ananya in the middle of the train. The Rajdhani Express returned to Ranchi with only one passenger after changing the route as the blockade was not lifted.

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