Indian Railways will close 10 thousand stations and 500 trains to increase revenue!


BanglaHunt Desk: Indian Railways is going to take innovative steps to increase revenue this time. According to the Ministry of Railways, India is going to walk the path of extinction of 10,000 stations and 500 trains to reduce the extra cost. It is learned that all the trains which do not carry more than 50 per cent of the carrying capacity will be canceled. It is also known that passengers will be picked up by stopping other trains on that route.

In addition, the new designated distance for long-distance trains is 200 km. As a result, 2000 stations will be removed from the railway map. However, it is known that local trains will run at those stations. Rail is concentrating on this new project in collaboration with IIT Bombay as the railways are closed due to the epidemic. Railways wants to increase revenue by spending only where it is needed and by reducing unnecessary expenses.

Recently, Piyush Goel, the Railway Minister in the Modi government, tweeted that Indian Railways will be a net zero rail by 2030. Indian Railways' carbon emissions will be reduced to zero. The Railway Minister further said that Indian Railways, which carries 600 crore passengers and 1.2 billion tonnes of goods every year, will become 'green'.

In order to reduce carbon emissions, the use of diesel engines should be stopped completely in the country. Instead, all trains will have to run on electricity. In 2014, Indian Railways emitted 640,000 tons of carbon. The Modi government wants to reduce this emissions to zero. The Railway Minister said that by 2023, Indian Railways will become fully electric dependent.

Incidentally, the Modi government had earlier promised to reduce its dependence on coal and diesel to make Indian Railways carbon-free. Railway Minister Piyush Goel made it clear that this goal is being achieved by walking that path. According to railway sources, if the power is fully powered, the speed of Indian Railways will also increase. It is said that the train will run at 10 to 15 percent speed.

In addition, Rail has undertaken several new projects in the last few months. As a result, Indian Railways will become more modern. Passenger comfort will also increase.

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