Indian scientists say big time for Corona virus


BanglaHunt Desk: The Correcting Vaccine to Corona Virus (COVID-19) Vaccine has not yet been developed. Applying hydroxy chloroquine to temporarily coronary patients is healthy, but the disease is not fully cured. Scientists say it is still time to make the right medicine. They said the preventive detection of the disease was not possible before 2020.

The whole world is now united in the pursuit of the Corona virus vaccine. But to date, the exact drug to cure the virus has not been discovered. Scientists say it will take quite some time to discover the drug. But now Indian scientists are saying that it is not possible to make the disease before 2021.

Six Indian companies are engaged in the manufacture of this drug. “There are many complex methods and challenges to making a disease drug,” said Kong, vice-chairman of CEPI. However, it does not take 5 years for the vaccine to be discovered. Will need at least 5 years. Only then will it be possible to discover the right drug. ' E Srikumar, Chief Scientific Officer of Biotechnology at Rajiv Gandhi Center in Kerala, and Rakesh Mishra Biswas, Director of CSIR-Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology in Hyderabad, agreed. Like them, it will take a year to discover the deterrent of this deadly virus.

The number of coronas in the world is increasing. At present, the number of coronary diseases in the whole world has increased from about 25 lakh to 25 thousand and the death toll to over 4,000. On the other hand, the number of people affected by the corona virus in India has exceeded 12,000 and the death toll is 122. In this situation, Corona infection is being avoided by locking the citizens in lockdown.

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