Indian Telly Awards 2023: 10 years of penance, sought blessings, the journey to become ‘Murad’ from Taha Shah was not easy


Indian Telly Awards 2023: 10 साल की तपस्या, मांगी दुआ, आसान नहीं था ताहा शाह से

Content Hub 2023: The OTT platform has given new and different content to the people, which people are very fond of. At the same time, new and talented artists have also got an opportunity to show their talent.

Taj Divided By Blood: Actor Taha Shah got a lot of appreciation for his negative role in the series Taj: Divide by Blood released on ZEE5. Although the actor had to work hard to play this role in ‘Taj’. Talking to TV9, Taha Shah, who played the role of Murad in this series, said that he liked the role of Murad very much and used to pray to God for it. However, to reach this point, the actor had to do 10 years of hard penance. Our reporter Sonali had a conversation with Taha Shah who attended the ITA Awards. Regarding the change in content after Corona, Taha Shah said that OTT has identified a lot of talent and given them a platform.

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