Indian troops sent from Kashmir to Ladakh! India is preparing for war?


Bengali Hunt Desk: Tensions between India and China over the Ladakh border have been simmering for the past 28 days. Even after many discussions, there is no solution to the problem. Seeing such a situation, India is moving ITBP jawans from Kashmir to the side of the Line of Control (LAC). According to sources, the number of Indian troops in the Galawan Valley has also been increased to give a worthy response to the Chinese army.

A senior Army official said, ‘Keeping in mind the current situation, the personnel are being shifted from LoC to LAC. It was needed. Forces have been kept in reserve at the command and corporation level. If the situation worsens, we will call for their deployment. ” These Indian troops have been deployed by road and in Hawaii to maintain pressure on the Chinese army.

Residents of villages along the India-China border say 80 to 90 trucks pass through their area every night. Those trucks are army vehicles. Soldiers, tools and food were taken in the truck.

However, Lt. Gen. SL Narasimhan said, “Some of this movement may be for winter stockings. When the snow melts, the army changes its position until next winter. This is usually the case during these months. ”