Indian youth married Mexican girlfriend in love amid lockdown

BanglaHunt Desk: The Indian young man and his Mexican girlfriend were finally taken to a wedding in Lockdown. The episode of Bagdan has been completed long ago. An application was also made for the Special Marriage Act for marriage. But the Corona Virus (COVID-19) is blocked. Due to the virus infected, the wedding is scheduled for lockdown, but it all stops for lockdown. At the end of the request, the doors of the court were opened at midnight and their four hands were united.

Currently there are a variety of apps circulating on social media. Meanwhile, through the Language Learning App, the talk was made with the Native Nihajan Kashyap, a young man from Rohtak, Haryana, with Dana Johari Olivepas Crews, a Mexican resident. After the end of the talk, a love affair between the two slowly develops. They will both marry. Accordingly, in the presence of two members of the house on the 21st, their festivities were completed in India. They also filed a marriage petition on February 7 in the Special Marriage Act for marriage.

The premier couple wants to settle the marriage sooner rather than do it without the love of the people. “On February 7, Dana came to India to celebrate my birthday with his mother,” said Pat Niranjan. Then on February 7 we applied for marriage in the Special Marriage Act. The six-month notice period ends on March 7. But during this time, the lockdown was triggered by the Corona virus. As a result, our marriage gets stuck. Then we applied to the local district governor's court. And with their help we opened a court on March 3 and we were married. “

Although the court is compliant with the rules, there are lockdown rules. The bride and groom did not take any pictures together after maintaining the social distance, maintaining the distance at times. Danar was supposed to return to Mexico on March 27 after the wedding. But he returned on lockdown on May 7th after a lockdown. Leading a new life, Dana said, 'We are introduced to 25 people. I came to India at the time of Bagdan in the 21st. And then back to Mexico. After 2 long years we met. We are very happy to have our trapped marriage completed with the administration due to the lockdown '.

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