India's air is very bad! Trump said in the US presidential debate

Bangla Hunt Desk: The friendship between the United States and India (India) has been praised in the international arena. After all, the friendship between US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is like putting ashes on the face of the enemy. Trump's visit to India has been greeted with pomp and circumstance. But the US President never once thought of standing in his own country and slandering India.

The US presidential election will be held next November. The last-minute campaign is in full swing. Joe Biden, another powerful leader, stands in opposition to US President Donald Trump. Both are equal opponents.

Trump vs Joe Biden

They are not leaving any ground to find out each other's faults in the election campaign. We have seen in the past how presidential candidate Joe Biden, during his election campaign, mocked US President Donald Trump, lied to the people and even insulted him.

India is a dirty country

This time the reverse attack was seen. During his recent election campaign, President Trump did not even think twice about attacking Joe Biden in the name of India. On environmental pollution, he said, “China has seen what a dirty country it is. On the other hand, India and Russia have polluted their air. These are impossibly dirty countries.

Trump's explanation

Trump said India and China are polluting more air than these countries. Because of the large number of factories, the air is polluted. But there are no such factories in America. American air is also less polluted than these countries. But why is America being asked to place more emphasis on environmental protection!