India's ally Russia made Iron-Man suit to increase the strength of the army! Hands on the head of the enemy country


BanglaHunt Desk: In the international arena, India and Russia have set an example of friendly relations. Many times the whole world has been surprised by the friendly relations between these two countries. Russia and India have always stood by each other, no matter what the situation or aid. Especially in the Corona situation, Russia was the first to prepare Corona antidote and shocked the whole world.

Iron Man Suit

Today, Russia, India's ally, has come up with an innovative way to increase its military capabilities. It is heard that a body suit has been made for the protection of the Russian army, which is bullet proof on the one hand and on the other hand while wearing this uniform, the enemy will not be able to harm them in any way. This strong dress is called Iron Man suit) Is called.

What are the benefits of this dress?

Iron Man Suits EO1-A – Helmet, Body Armor, Ear Protector, Protective Glass, Knee and Elbow Protection Charge as well as Grenade Launcher, Machine Gun, War Knife, Sniper Rifle.

Another notable feature of this Iron Man suit is that wartime situations can arise at any moment. So these garments are also provided in the service so that the soldiers can see everything clearly in the wartime situation both night and day.

How is this war dress made?

All these weapons and security charms have been added to this garment in the method of intelligence engineering. Springs have been used during the war without using the battery operator mechanism so that the garments do not feel heavy to the soldiers during the war.

Use has also begun

According to sources, although the United States was the first to start making this very powerful war uniform, Russia was the first to succeed in this regard. It is rumored that Russian troops in Syria have already begun using the garment.

Albert Bekau, CEO of the Retnick program, said the first step in creating this garment was to find advanced and lightweight materials. So that the soldiers do not have any difficulty during the war. As soon as the material was found, Russian scientists created this garment with great skill.

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