India’s big diplomatic victory in the Maldives, China under pressure

BanglaHunt Desk: India’s relationship with the Maldives has become even stronger. India-Maldives Foreign Minister Jayashankar.

Talks were also held with Maldivian Defense Minister Maria Didi, Finance and Development Minister Fayyaz Ismail, Mohammad Aslam and Ibrahim Amir. Jayashankar. India has also signed a কোটি 50 million credit agreement to protect the Maldives.

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After signing a security agreement with the Maldives, Foreign Minister S. “It is our duty to protect the Maldives,” Jayashankar said.

Through this security agreement with India, the Maldives will be able to strengthen its security at sea. According to experts, it is strategically close to India and very important in the Indian Ocean. On the other hand, as China keeps an eye on the Indian Ocean, India’s responsibilities increase.

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On the other hand, the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI is trying to expand its dominance. So that Pakistan can give China access to the Indian Ocean. But in this situation, it is very important for India to protect the Maldives. Various agreements have been signed between the two countries on various issues. Almost all Indian prime ministers have visited the Maldives since independence. Also, whether it is normal time or corona, various top leaders of India are in constant touch with the Maldives.