India's big diplomatic victory over Kashmir in Britain, Pakistan played a big blow

Bangla Hunt Desk: Kashmir was another major diplomatic victory for India. Britain's Labor Party changed its anti-India stance on the Kashmir issue. Newly-appointed Labor leader Keir Starmer said Kashmir was a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan.

Keir Starmer

“We will not allow the people of today to be divided because of the issues in Asia,” Sturmer said after meeting a team of Labor Friends of India (LFIN) on Thursday. India and Pakistan have peacefully settled any constitutional issue of India, the issue of Indian Parliament and Kashmir issue. It is to be noted that there are many people of Indian and Pakistani descent in Britain and the people of these two countries are very much involved in the politics there.

Sturmer, the newly-appointed leader of the Labor Party, kept the party away from the policy of their former leader Jeremy Corbyn on the Kashmir issue. Jeremy passed an emergency resolution saying there was a major humanitarian crisis in Kashmir. Jeremy was then sharply criticized by 1.5 million Indians of British descent in Britain. As a result, the Labor Party is facing defeat in Britain's general election.

Corbyn tweeted about Kashmir in 2019, where he made his position clear. “The current situation in Kashmir is deplorable,” he wrote. Human rights are being violated in Kashmir, we cannot accept it in any way. The rights of the people of Kashmir must be respected, and the United Nations must pass a resolution on the Kashmir issue.