India's first tire park is being built in the heart of West Bengal, it will be inaugurated soon

BanglaHunt Desk: The whole park is turning into a canceled tire. Different bird designs are also being made by cutting tires. In West Bengal itself, the whole park is turning into a discarded bus tire. It will be opened to the public soon.

The park next to the Esplanade tram hut at Dharmatala in Kolkata is also being decorated with discarded bus tires. There will be tire chairs, tire cut designs and various animal designs, as well as pictures of Kolkata tram-buses.

Park construction is nearing completion. The park will be opened to the public in a few days. There will also be a cafeteria to serve food. The park is a bit of a peace of mind in the midst of a busy city, said the managing director of WBTC.

Rajanbir Singh Kapoor, managing director of the West Bengal Transport Corporation, added, “Our aim was to send a message that recyclables can be recycled and used for beautification.” However, this is the first time such a park has been set up in India, where all are made with discarded bus tires. All this has been done at the initiative of the Transport Corporation.