India's gain or loss in Jio and Facebook deal? Subramanian Swamy said in 4 points


BanglaHunt Desk: Facebook has already invested Rs 44,000 crore in jio. In response to the opposition's criticism of this attachment, Subramanian Swamy said that Swadeshi always means self-reliance, and not self-sufficiency. He explained four points in the context of why the integration of Geo and Facebook is good for the country

First, Facebook has about 400 million users, including WhatsApp and Instagram. Reliance Jio has almost the same number of clients, with some overlaps, but since Jiomart is formed by RIL, the company plans to enter a larger way to launch e-commerce and e-payment services.

Second, Geomart has already started trials in Nabi Mumbai, Thana and Kalyan, employing 1,25,000 people in 6,700 large and small towns of 10,900 retail stores in addition to RIL ownership. WhatsApp connects with small businesses, receives orders from customers and promotes offers via the internet and cellphones. Thus, Facebook and Geo combined to reach a huge market and for the convenience of consumers.

Third, families will be able to deliver to nearby grocery stores on cellphones and place orders for home delivery, here too, Geo-Facebook can thus reach millions of merchants and grocery merchants on cellphones and the Internet, thus saving customers the opportunity to make physical purchases.

Fourth, the Geo-Facebook combination can now, with official consent, create a cryptocurrency network. The Government of India has already approved blockchain technology.