India's gift to neighboring Bangladesh is 20 lakh doses of Covishield

BanglaHunt Desk: After a long wait, a new war has started. Mass vaccination of corona vaccine has started in India. As per the pre-determination, the vaccine will be given to about 30 million first-line Corona fighters in the country first. Vaccination work is going on accordingly. Several people have already been vaccinated.

Corona Vaccine Covishield of Seram Institute and Covaxin of Bharat Biotech – two vaccines were also recognized by this country for the first time. India has also requested help from various countries since the start of vaccination.

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Though he has not yet decided whether to give help to Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended a helping hand to Sheikh Hasina's decision to give corona vaccine to Bangladesh to further strengthen mutual friendship with Bangladesh. It has been decided that 2 million or 20 lakh dose of Covishield vaccine will be given as a gift to the neighboring country.

This special kind of life-giving gift sent from New Delhi will arrive at Dhaka's Shahjalal International Airport on January 20, tomorrow. The Covishield trial at the Seram Institute has passed all three stages. However, before passing these three stages of the trial, Kovacin was released on an emergency basis.

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Although it has become a bit close to China at times, Bangladesh has returned to its rightful position. Bangladesh is India's neighbor even though it is a hundred. So India always tries to stand by them in their danger.