India's largest coronary care center built in Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Bangla Hunt Desk: The central government has decided to increase the lockdown till May 3, following the rising case of coronary virus in India. The Ministry of Health said on Tuesday that there were 12 corona dedicated hospitals built in the country. And Corona Care Center has been set up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat's largest quad-1. And there can be 2,000 patients.

Six cases of coronary virus have come out from Gujarat. Only in Ahmedabad, out of 5 people have the symptoms of this deadly virus. And for this reason, the local Purnigam in Ahmedabad has set up the largest Covid-1 care center in the country where 2,000 patients can be kept together. However, only patients who have no other disease or complications will be kept there.

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Officials said on Tuesday that this center, built in a hostel near the campus of the University of Gujarat, would be able to ease the pressure on the government hospital. This center has facilities for patients like library, yoga and indoor play.

Ahmedabad City Commissioner Vijay Nehra said, “We can accommodate 2,000 patients here, this is the first and largest coronary care center in the country.” He said that for each patient coming to the center, there would be a bed and essential items such as toothbrushes, soap and pillows.

Nehra said the medical team would examine the patients twice a day, and that the team would be there so that the infection would not spread out to them. He said members of the medical team will also be examined for infection after 7 days.

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