India's pharmaceutical diplomacy at work, opposition to Kashmir issue also changed

There have been many problems with diplomatic issues from the beginning, but this time there is another hint. While Britain's ruling Conservative Party has supported India on the Kashmir issue, the opposition Labor Party has backed Pakistan on the issue. India has supplied hydroxychloroquine to many of these countries to cope with the Corona situation. However, the newly-appointed leader of the opposition Labor Party, Kayar Sturmer, has said he will not interfere in any constitutional issue in Kashmir or India.

Starmer made it clear that any constitutional issue in India falls under the purview of the Indian Parliament and that Kashmir is an Indo-Pak bilateral issue. He added: “In recent weeks, we have seen how important the relationship between India and Britain is. India has given us the paracetamol we need in difficult times. ”The dominance of the Indian community in Britain is growing. And in this situation, Coy Stormer wants to settle everything peacefully. He himself does not want this unrest to continue.

Kayr Sturmer added that he would make sure that the Labor Party under his leadership would make no further efforts to divide the British people. After meeting the Indian High Commissioner, he wanted to talk about a peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue between the two countries. However

This strategic attitude of the Labor Party is seen as a growing influence in the politics of the Indian community there. The Labor Party is again against the Indian community. Sturmer said, “Britons of Indian descent have contributed a lot to the British and the Labor Party. I am committed to working closely with Labor Friends of India (LFIN) to restore the confidence of this community. “