Indigenous fighter Tejas deployed on the western border to respond to the enemy's adventures


Bangla Hunt Desk: In the midst of a border dispute with China, the Indian Air Force deployed indigenous fighter Tejas (HAL Tejas) along the Pakistan-West border. Let me tell you, Tejas is a light fighter made in the country capable of playing many roles. According to official sources, LCA Tejas has been deployed by the Indian Air Force along the western border with Pakistan. This has been done to give a strong response to any step taken from there.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his Independence Day address, lauded Swadeshi fighter Biman Tejas and said the deal to buy the LAC Mark 1A version was expected to be finalized soon. The first squadron of the aircraft is the initial operational clearance version, and the second is the 16th Squadron Flying Bullets, the last operational clearance version. The squadron was led by the Air Force Chief from Sulur Airbase on 28 May.

The Indian Air Force and the Ministry of Defense may sign an agreement to buy 73 Mark 1A aircraft by the end of this year. Due to China's aggressive attitude on the border, the Indian Air Force is stockpiling its sophisticated equipment on the border between China and Pakistan.

Indian Air Force forward airbases are designed to deal with any situation on the western and northern borders. Recently, the number of flights from these airbases has been greatly increased. Hawaii operations are being carried out from these airbases even in the dark of night.