Indonesia is bringing a raffle to encircle China, the Jinping government under great pressure

BanglaHunt Desk: Pakistan was outraged when India and France signed a powerful warplane raffle agreement. But this time, China (China) has started running after the raffle agreement between France and Indonesia. This time the land mafia is going to give a strong blow to China, the neighboring country Indonesia. The French Defense Minister himself informed everyone about the agreement of the Indonesian Rafale with France.

The days of oppression of neighboring countries are coming to an end. All the neighboring countries are ready to retaliate against China. Neighbors, whether small or large, are increasing their military to respond to China's injustices. Jinping is afraid of ending his day.

To counter China's injustices, neighboring Indonesia, like India, is set to sign an agreement to buy raffle tickets from France. The agreement was announced on the French Lottery's financial website. However, there were not 36 but 48 raffles written. At the same time, it was written that Jakarta wants to increase the business relations with France regarding the raffle agreement. The agreement was expected to be finalized later this year.

France and Indonesia recently signed an import agreement on this security issue. Earlier, in 2019, an agreement was reached for 8 bus helicopters for the Indonesian Air Force.

On the other hand, the land mafia has long been in trouble with China over the island of Natuna in the South China Sea. Last September, Indonesia taught Chinese warships to enter its waters. But then as China moved forward to strike back, Indonesia also began to strengthen its forces in the border region.