Indore attack on health workers, injured health worker


Bangla Hunt Desk: Cases of abuse of doctors, medical personnel and policemen risking their lives for us in the war against Coronavirus are rising again and again. Once again, an incident like this came out of Indore. This time, a man attacked with a knife on health workers. An assailant's servant was injured in the attack by a health worker. And the health worker also suffered injuries.

A man was suddenly attacked by doctors, teachers, paramedical staff and Asha staff who were visiting the city of Indore in Indore. The assailants were reportedly intoxicated. It is heard that he is working to sell drugs. When the locals went to arrest him after the attack, the man also attacked them. A health worker along with a local man was also injured in the attack.

It is to be noted that there were attacks on health workers in Indore even earlier. In Indore, a group of people attacked police, health workers. Health workers went in search of a coronary suspect in the area. At that time tensions spread throughout the area. Given the situation in the area, a large number of police were deployed there. Also in Indore, Ranipura, some time ago, a spit on a doctor who had gone for examination. The doctors then complained to the police.

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