Ineteresting facts about American Idol Top 10 of 2021

American Idol Top 10 is a singing show. It has various seasons. From the last year, the runner up Arthur Gun again participated in a comeback competition this year that is American Idol Top 10 in 2021 and he claimed the victory this time against nine of his contestants. He wins the season finale with his mesmerizing voice. The news of his victory broke out on the Sunday night of 2nd May, in the first half-hour of a live episode. Gunn was very excited about it and was feeling nice to be back again according to some of the sources.

Arthur on his behalf uttered some words. He said that there was a huge difference in votes between his viewers who voted for the last season rather than this season. He feels very much motivated and professional now. He got to learn many things from his co-participants and collected very good experiences from this season. He gained a lot of knowledge about himself and his music skills. He thanked his fortune to ggive him such a great achievement.

Here is the list of the the American Idol Top 10 contestants:

  1. Chayce Beckham
Chayce Beckham in American Idol Top 10
American Idol Top 10 

Born: 16th July 1996 in Victorville, Calif

Musical Influences: Van Halen, Bob Marley and the wailers, Green Day, The Doors

Favourite Albums: Chris Daughtry, Ruben Studdard

First Idol Experience: Since childhood, he watched every episode of America Idol with his parents.

Chayce first experience with the guitar was at his grandmother’s home. When he was 3 years old he was looking at the guitar at his grandmother’s place. He was given his first classical guitar by his grandmother when he fell and scraped his leg in front of a guitar store. Since then he has kept the guitar very nicely. He learned to play the guitar on his own. He added that he listed to the radio and CMT where he matched his tones from the early 2000s music. He was very bad a sports but amazing at playing the guitar.

Beckham’s childhood was fun and crazy. He used to spend separate time with his parents. When he was 19th he with his friends went to live on the hills of the Glendora /San Dimas area. It was a very lavish property on an acre of land. He with hind had, Bass guitar, drums, electric guitar, microphones and acoustic guitars. So he decided one night to jam on. That night was fun so they kept repeating it three times a weak. He very soon started writing songs for the band and then they started throwing lavish parties where they played their instruments. This was the time when he fell in love with performing for the audiences and trying to connect with people.

Since then Beckham and his band were playing music and earning about $1000 every night but very soon the pandemic made them unemployed. This is the time when he landed on American Idol Top 10, the place where he was supposed to be. The learnt from all these that one should always trust the process because time will provide you with what you deserve.

  1. Cassandra Coleman

american idol cassandra coleman

Born: 15 May 1996 in Tenn

Musical Influences: Avril Lavigne, The Chicks, Enya James, Stevie Nicks, Yes, The Cars, Rush, John Denver

Favourite Albums: Kelly Clarkson, Phillip Phillips, David Archuleta, Katharine McPhee, Arthur Gunn

First Idol Experience: She was influenced by watching a constant of season 6 win golden tickets to Hollywood and she wished the same for her.


Coleman felt music within her. Her dad had a little farm and she lived on a hilltop that had a valley. Once a while she was moving around the valley with her mother and then her mother started reciting a hymn, Coleman then harmonized with her mom. Though then she was too small to understand was she was doing. It can be said that music was in her genes because her mother sings very good then she was writing poems and now she has been writing songs. Her father and sibling to are good singers. When they get together they sing for thanksgiving, “ Take Me Home, Country Roads because their family belongs from Virginia. As a child, she always wanted to be a singer.

  1. Casey Bishop


Born: 9th Feb 2095 at Fort Myers, Fla

Musical Influences: Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac

Favorite Albums: Laci Kaye Booth, Laine Hardy, Haley Reinhart, Alejandro Aranda

First Idol Experience: She had been watching the episodes since she was only 6 years old

The earliest memories of Bishop about music was when she was 3 tears old, she was listening to some of the specific songs. She started singing Karaoke in preschool when she was only 5 years old. Then she got serious about her music when she came to middle school. In high school, she joined many teams and music bands. Later when she came to give the auditions for American Idol Top 10 and The Voice it was a big no for her. When in the freshman year of high school she performed for many talent shows but everything got worse because of her confidence level which was way too low.

Bishop now has developed on her confidence level and she gives all the credit to the judges and adds that she was very influenced when Katy Perry said to make the stage hers in her every performance she performs on the stage.

Deshawn Goncalves

Born: 10th Jan 2001 at Youngstown, Ohio

Musical Influences: Bruno Mars, John Legend, Alicia Keys

Favorite albums; Fantasia Kelly, Jennifer Hudson, Ruben Studdard, Kelly Clarkson

First Idol Experience: He watched season 3 of Fantasia when he was only 3 years old.

Goncalves got memories of music because of her grandmother who died when he was only 4 years old. He remembered that his grandmother made him water the church robe and made him sing in the choir. In the church, he kept tripping things anywhere because of the oversize of the robe. As they didn’t keep child-sized robes. Goncalves realised his musical talents in 6th grade. He picked up a trumpet played music with it in perfect pitch identified notes of the music and did many other things which were not normal to the of his age.

In 7th grade, he met a music teacher LaJoyce Daniel-Cain in A+ Arts Academy school. She found out his musical talents even before he could realise what he was possessing. This helped him to work on his music. 7th grade was very critical to him. He got famous and recognized by people when he was 16 years. He sang ‘Feeling Good’ at The Apollo Theatre which made him won the Amature Night and the same song he sang on Idol.

Grace Kinstler

Grace Kinstler American Idol Top 10


Born:3 Aug 2000 at Woodstock, Ill

Musical influences: Christiania Aguilera, Whitney Houston

Favorite albums: La’ Porsha Renae, Jessica Sanchez, Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, Katharine McPhee, Adam Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson

First Idol experience: When she was young she watched Idol with her parents. That provoked her and she said that she would wish to do that and then her dad replied that she would surely do.

According to her, she was into music from the starting itself. When she was four she played the piano, not being sure that it sounded very good. In kindergarten when started to dance and sing. In 5th grade, she took piano lessons and she kept taking them for two years since then. At high school and elementary school, she continued with music theatre.

Her early experience with music made her work on her musical skills. He very soon realised that she was very much into music and people loved watching her perform many people also suggested her flaws but she made sure to handle both sides of the coin. She positively took everything and made sure that she does not criticise herself to the self-doubt limit which was not constructive.

She was not that much interested into writing songs but her father encouraged her to do so. She released her first song, “ The World Doesn’t wait” when she was 14 and since then she kept releasing songs on regular basis.

Caleb Kennedy

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Born: 21 Oct, 2004 Spartanburg, S. C.

Musical influences: Hank Williams, George Strait, Jason Aldean

Favorite albums: Caleb Lee Hutchinson, Bucky Covington, Gaby Barrett

First Idol experience: He watched Idol together with his family every Sunday after Church

Kennedy’s very first experience with music was with the rocking horse( or donkey). His family was ubiquitous to music as his mon played the piano very well, his dad could play the guitar and sing a little bit His grandmother’s brother was able to play any kind of instrument. He was given a drum kit when he was 5 years old. At the age of 10, he learned to play the drum and at the age of 13, he learnt to play the guitar. He was so obsessed with the guitar that he played it until his fingers bleed. He was a self-taught guitar player. He learnt guitar from YouTube videos.

Very soon he started playing the guitar in public space. The very first time when he managed to earn $ 1 even though he sat for eight continuous hours. But this did not discourage him. The last time he performed was at a restaurant named “ Wings ETC”, where all the seats were booked, not even a single seat was left vacant. Kennedy remembered writing his first song when he was only 13. The name of the song is Mine which he wrote on the behalf of a girl for whom he was very crazy for but she never let him date her.

He developed his writing skills on song when the COVID 19 pandemic hit. All he used to do was sit alone and write up songs. Then he started composing songs with his family members. The pandemic helped him explore more about country music.

Arthur Gun

Arthur Gun American Idol Top 10 of 2021
Arthur Gun American Idol Top 10 of 2021

Born:24th Oct 1997, Nepal

Musical influences: Jimmy Page, Bob Dylan, Robert Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt, Joe Cocker

Favorite albums: Alejandro Aranda, Laine Hardy

First Idol experience: He watched Idol online when he grew up in Nepal.

Arthur Gun is originally know as Dibesh Pokharel who was born in Kathmandu the capital of Nepal. He went to America to live with his family who was living there since 5 years. He was gifted his first guitar by his mother. His brothers and cousins were interested in music and they played music very well. From his childhood he was very much into music. He became very serious about his music before one year arriving of in the US. In Nepal, he performed in various pubs and bars.

Once in a while Arthur vision ted Wichita where he played the guitar and there he hung out with many musicians. Then he went to Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and many more places and made many new musical friends. Very soon he got some peer pressure from his musical friends to participate in The American Idol Top 10. Though he was not sure about it but agreed to it as he would get many opportunities to learn more about music.

Alyssa Wray

Born: 30th March 2002 at Boyle County, Kentucky

Favorite albums: Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, Crystal Bowersox, Katherine McPhee, Lauren Alania, Jordin Sparks, David Archuleta

Musical influence: Carrie Underwood, Beyonce

First Idol experience: When she was brought to home from the hospital after he was born. They watched the first season of American Idol Top 10 with Kelly Clarkson.

Like most of the singer Alyssa too had some earlier experience about music. She members attending the choir in church. She also had the VHS of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella with Whitney Houston And Brandy when she was very small. She remembered having memories of Season 7 which had the judges as David Archuleta and David Cook. In those times she has a huge crush on Archuleta.

Wary tried to auditioned for the American Idol Top 10several times but she was very much disturbed when it was cancelled for the first time she was in 8th grade. Though she could participate in The Voice at that time to her, The American Idol meant a lot to her. She for the first time participated in Idol when it was going to be featured on the channel ABC.

Warry wants to be an advocate as well as a singer as she wants to continue with her passion in a long run. She wants to promote justice, empathy and equality among the people. She wants to use her platform for the right cause.

Willie Spence

Willie Spence American Idol Top 10 of 2021
Born:18th June 1999 at West Palm Beach, Fla

Musical influences: Whitney Houston, John Legend, Yolanda Adams

Favorite albums: Fantasia, Katharine McPhee, Burnell Talyor, Candice Glover, Phillip Phillips, Jennifer Hudson, Ruben Studdard, Jessica Sanchez

First Idol experience: He loves to watch American Idol with his family he also played the American Idol Game season 2 for the first time.

Spence said that he never thought of performing in The American idol Top 10 as he doubted himself because he was a self-taught artist. He uttered that he never likes to compete or the feeling of completion. But since he has been out onto such a situation so he is enjoying it and has been collecting one of his best experiences of life. He is very grateful and feeling worthy that he got the chance to show off his talent in such a platform.

Spence had his first music experience when he was three years old. His parents sung music at home and church , not professionally but leisurely for the sake of fun. He wanted to learn playing drum even before he learnt singing though he started to learn singing.

Spence started singing for the choir at his grandfather’s in Florida. When he was 6 he joined a organisation 4-H in Georgia. Now he had the opportunity to sing in front of a wide audience. After then he continued to perform in different colleges of Virginia, Arkansas, Kentucky and Louisiana.

Hunter Metts

Hunter Metts American Idol Top 10 of 2021
Hunter Metts American Idol Top 10 of 2021

Born:12th Sept 1998 at Nashville, Tenn

Musical influences: Rascal Flatts, Alison Krauss

Favorite albums: Janson Castro, Jonny West, Scotty McCerry, Gabby Barrett, Louis Knight, Fransisco Martin

First Idol experience: In season 7 watching Jason Castro singing The Rainbow.

Metts’ parents has a music background from the very starting. His parents lives in Nashville to continue with music. His dad published music at different companies like Starstuck, Writer’sDen, Curb, Malaco and many more. Mett first confronted with guitar when he was in 8th grade and then learnt music through various music tutorials available on YouTube.

When Mett came to The Idol for the first time the show was continued on ABC. He got very good relations on his performances untill he mentioned that his sister worked for the Disney World. She played many characters like Snow white, Belle, Mary Poppins and Ariel. As ABC was owned by Disney therefore it was a legal contrary and thence he was asked to leave the show. Meets sister was very supportive to his brother, she left her job to make her brother participate in another audition.