Inhuman! The Indian Railways laid off 91 workers on a 15-day notice without charge.


Banglahant Desk: Sixty people are at high risk of getting corona virus. Sixty rye is also ahead in the number of deaths due to corona. This time, the railways laid off 91 workers of the South Eastern Railway.

Employees have been informed through various means that they will not have to come to work after this. Among the staff, 69 are non-gazetted and 2 are gazetted. The South Eastern Railway did not show any sympathy while dismissing the workers. These workers have been placed on 15 days notice.

In addition to the risk of coronary heart disease, those employees had little to say about working in the office. So they were put down this time. However, this arbitrary decision of the South Eastern Railway is being questioned. Anger has also increased among the workers as their colleagues have been put in this way.

Besides, after the revenue department, the income of the employees of Indian Railways is also going to fall this time, it is known through the sources. It is learned that Indian Railways is going to reduce the income of railway workers in several cases including overtime to meet the financial crisis.

Indian Railways is a loss-making company. But railways is one of the best jobs for the central and state governments in India. In addition to the huge benefits to the employees, the salary structure of Indian Railways is quite attractive. But this time the income of those railway workers is going to be hit hard. It is known that DA and LTA will be reduced. It is also learned that the extra money received by the railway drivers and guards per kilometer will not be available. Overtime can be reduced by up to 50%. However, nothing has been officially announced by Indian Railways so far.