Instead of religion to wear a burqa, Ayesha told Gauri to keep her name! Shah Rukh's outspoken remarks


BanglaHunt Desk: Whose name comes to mind first to say one of the most successful couple in Bollywood? Many may say Shah Rukh Khan (shahrukh khan) and Gauri Khan (gauri khan). The two have been in love since before they started acting. All the ups and downs have passed together. Bollywood's most successful couple Shah Rukh and Gauri.

Recently, an interview video of veteran actress Farida Jalal has come to light where she is seen interviewing Shah Rukh Khan. There, the actor said, he told Gauri to wear a burqa at the wedding reception and changed her name to Ayesha.

Talking about an interesting incident at his wedding reception, Badshah said, “I respect everyone in Gauri's family. I also respect their faith. But at that time everyone's fashion sense was quite old. As soon as I arrived at the reception, everyone started whispering, Muslim boy. Will you ask Gauri to change her name after marriage? ”

The actor added, “They were all talking in Punjabi. Then I told Gauri to wear a burqa. Prayers must be worn. Everyone looked at me as if I had already changed Gauri's religion. I looked at everyone and said, from now on Gauri's name is Ayesha. He will wear a burqa from now on and will not go out of the house. ”

In fact, Shah Rukh said jokingly. He also said that all religions should be respected. But it should never be an obstacle in the way of love. Shah Rukh Khan commented that he did the right thing by deciding to marry Gauri. Their relationship is getting stronger as the days go by.