Intensive friendship: India will help the Philippines with BrahMos missiles

BanglaHunt Desk: India-India-Philippines relations are getting closer. This time India will help the Philippines with weapons of war. Until now, various small countries used to import arms from big countries in case of war. For so long, most of the weapons were imported from different countries – America, China, Russia. But from now on, India’s name also entered the list.

From now on, India will help not only America, China, Russia, but also various small countries with the tools of war made by their own country. It is learned that India will help the Philippines with Brahmos supersonic cruise missile. Accordingly, an agreement has been reached with India.

India and the Philippines have recently signed an agreement on security issues. According to the agreement, BrahMos missiles will be provided in India, starting from various high-quality and state-of-the-art equipment. Not only the contract but also the work has started.

This supersonic BrahMos missile has yet to find a rival due to the joint efforts of India and Russia. An updated version of BrahMos, capable of dusting the enemy up to 400 km, is also coming, which can easily attack an enemy more than 600 km away.

The Philippines said, “We are taking BrahMos from India. An agreement has also been reached in this regard. The import of these weapons will set a precedent for the security of India and the Philippines. However, no response was received from India in this regard.

With the help of this supersonic BrahMos missile, the enemy can be hit from any area of ​​water, land and sky. Also the updated version of this missile is going to have more than double the capability, which will have the ability to blow up more enemy sleep.