International: Before Diwali, the Indian Army gave a big gift to the Bangladesh Army

In the international arena, India is constantly increasing its strength. India is extending a helping hand to the neighboring countries. Despite objections from Pakistan and China, other countries in Asia are benefiting. In this context, the relations between India and Bangladesh are rapidly strengthening.

While a country like China is trying to occupy the lands of its neighbors, India is reaching out to solve all the problems of its neighbors. In particular, India's relations with Bangladesh have recently become quite strong. India has sided with Bangladesh on all issues, be it satellite or food.

Now India is trying hard to strengthen Bangladesh's army. The Indian Army has provided 10 specially trained dogs to the Bangladesh Army. At the same time, the Indian Army has provided 20 special horses to the Bangladesh Army which are suitable for use on the battlefield. This is considered to be a great gift to Bangladesh by the Indian Army before Diwali.

Horses and dogs have been trained by a special team. The Indian Army has also trained the soldiers who will look after the horses and dogs in Bangladesh. Let it be known that efforts are being made to prepare the relations between India and Bangladesh as a norm.