Internet service to keep buzzing in Calgham, COP HD video streaming


BanglaHunt Desk: Different Internet HD streaming services in the face of closure. The lack of internet may have to pull the rush to prevent high definition quality video streaming. A recent decision was made by the Cellular Operators Association of India.
Many offices around the world have arranged work-out home for the horror of the Novel Corona virus to maintain social distance. And working at home requires a good enough network. At the same time, people are being tapped into various video streaming apps to spend time in house arrest. It requires a lot of bandwidth. That's why service providers are traditionally frugal.

According to them, video streaming service companies should make a unanimous decision. The correct bit rate should be determined. Also, streaming companies have been advised to use standard definition ie SD streaming instead of high definition or HD.
More bandwidth is required for ads or popup ads. That's why companies have been told to stop showing ads. Streaming companies have taken significant steps to maintain Internet service in the United States and Europe.

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