Internet speed is low? Here are some important tips to speed up WiFi


BanglaHunt Desk: The death toll from the outbreak from China has risen to around 6,000 in the world. The situation in China and South Korea has improved temporarily, but death tides are increasing in Iran and Italy. Schools, colleges and universities have been closed in different countries of the world. In many states of the country, the government has decided to close schools and colleges and universities till March 7. School holidays in West Bengal have been extended till 1st April.

As well as the office closed, employees have been instructed to work at home. The offices are asking their employees to work from home for a period of time which may be extended by two or three weeks. In this case, a proper Wi-Fi connection is mandatory for you to perform your job.

  • Even if someone has good broadband connection, internet speed can be slow for any reason. In that case, there are some useful tips for increasing the Wi-Fi signal
  • The router's location can affect wireless coverage. For better signal strength, place the router in the center of the home away from the wall. Do not place any electronics near the router.
  • For dual-band routers, you can replace 5GHz band instead of 2.4GHz band for best performance.
  • Set your router to auto select mode so your router can select the least congested channel for you. However, if your router does not have the auto channel selection option, you can manually select the channel that works best for you.

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