Intimacy by mixing drugs in water, smuggling was planned in Dubai, explosive bracelet!


BanglaHunt Desk: Kangana Ranaut is once again vocal about the dark side of Bollywood. The 'Queen' actress has leaked the drug cycle that is going on inside Bollywood. Speaking in this context, Kangana shared one of her terrible experiences.

In an interview with an all-India news medium, Kangana became vocal about Bollywood's drug cycle. “I was only 16 when I left Manali for Mumbai,” he said. I came to Mumbai after winning a beauty contest. The first time I lived with a woman. At that time I got acquainted with a character actor. He told me to get a job in Bollywood. ”

Kangana further said that later he started living together with the woman and the character actor. But slowly that idiot started sitting on them. Began to advise himself. At one point, the man kicked the woman out of the house and imprisoned Kangana in a room. The actress said that at that time she had to sit up and listen to the words of that person.

Kangana said, “He used to take me to different parties. One day I became intoxicated and became close to him. But later I realized that it was not my intention. Drugs were mixed in my water. From then on, that person started behaving like my husband. He would kill me whenever I went to protest. ”

The actress further complained that the actor had her talk with some people in Dubai. He also asked them to talk to the elderly and take their numbers. Kangana feared she might be trafficked to Dubai. The actor was even angry when he heard that he had got a chance in Bollywood. Kangana also claimed that she wanted to stop going to his shooting by injection. At that time director Anurag Basu gave him shelter.

Kangana also said that she would assist the Narcotics Bureau in the investigation of Sushant's case. However, he needs security from the central government. Because he will risk his life as well as his career. The actress further claimed that Sushant came to know about this drug cycle in Bollywood. That is why he has been removed.